What I want from my new normal

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With my life up-ended and my time at home, I’m thinking about getting back to normal. But, as I think about it, I’m not sure I can or want to get back to normal as it was. After this quarantine, we will have to find a new normal. I will have to find a new normal. So, here are a few things I want from my new normal.

A mix of working out and in

I have worked exclusively from home. I have worked exclusively from an office. Both those extremes can be a little much. A combination of working from home and an office seems just right.

Time in the office is excellent for connecting with people, communicating, and building relationships. Time working from home is great for getting deep work done and maximizing my time. Both have value. I want a flexible mix of the two.

A slower pace

One beautiful thing about quarantine is the pace. This time is probably the slowest pace my life has been at since I was a kid, off for summer break, and still too young to work. Somewhere along the way, I accepted that a breakneck pace is the only way to live, now I remember that isn’t true. As things go to a new normal, I want to maintain a slower, more thoughtful pace in my work and personal life.

More intentional communication

Quarantine has reminded me to check in on people more often. I have been texting more, calling more, and having more video chats with friends and family. I feel like even though I can’t see people, I’m more connected to many people I care about now.

I want this to be my new normal. Rather than the constant distraction of my stuff, I want to be the guy that checks in just to make sure you are doing all right.

Consistent daily schedule

My first few weeks in quarantine were a wreck. I was stressed, staying up late, sleeping in, and struggling to get work done. I wasn’t working out or taking care of myself. Last week I decided to get up every day at 6 am, and that has made all the difference.

Since getting back to a consistent schedule, I have been sleeping better and feeling better physically and emotionally. I’m more focused and happier. I have known this about myself before, but still, consistency has always been hard. I want my new normal to be very consistent. It will still be a struggle, but a worthy one.

Final questions

What do you want from your new normal? What parts of quarantine have been good for you that you can carry into the next phase of life? How has this experience made you better?

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Husband. Father of six. Wearer of fedoras. Startup co-founder (with exit). Nonprofit co-founder & CMO. I write about personal growth and nonprofit marketing.

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