I love this, thanks for writing it. So many people only measure revenue or profit, but there is so much more to being successful than that. For me, I'm successful when I'm financially stable, have freedom, and can spend lots of time with my family.

I find this is true in my life. When I'm doing really well it's because I'm doing a few simple things consistently. When I'm doing poorly, it's when I'm slack on the simple things. Small things add up over time, creating momentum, leading to success.

Great point and all too easy to miss in the day to day craziness of life and business. It seems to me the reason that many bosses don't set expectactions is that they don't take the time to thinking, plan, and set goals for the organization. Or, if they do take that time, they don't take the time to let the plan play out when something unexpected pops up.

I love this concept. Too often I run in one direciton for a little while, give up too quickly, and then go in another direction. I would be much further along if I had always moved incrementally in the same direction for a long period of time.

I ran a virtual company for 10 years. We had amazing culure and very little BS. Meetings were short and to the point. But, even with that, we all geninely liked one another and liked being a team. "Office Culture" as most define it is dead and dying. You can create virtual culture without undue burens on your team, you just have to be thoughtful about it.

As I close out 2020 and hope for a better 2021, I’m finding the process of planning for the year cathartic. Here is what I’m thinking about…


I usually do a one word theme for a new year, but this year I have three. Plan. Execute. Repeat. This theme will help to counterbalance some of my tendencies, like moving too fast, skipping the details, and jumping from one thing to another too quickly.


This year my goal is to create two new streams of income that are not modeled on trading time for money. One might be monetizing TogetherLetters, writing…

Adam Walker

Husband. Father of six. Wearer of fedoras. Startup co-founder (with exit). Nonprofit co-founder & CMO. I write about personal growth and nonprofit marketing.

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